Friday, January 30, 2009

Mám se dobře a ty?

This week was great. I'm currently listening to Rachel's radio show, which made my heart a little happier than it already was. She totally gave me a shout-out from thousands of miles (and 6 hours) away. Completely freaking sweet.

Yesterday we went ice skating, a completely Czech Thing To Do, especially since we skated on a massive frozen pond outside. Our resident director apparently owns fifteen pairs of ice skates, of the hockey, figure skating, and speed skating varieties, which he loaned to us, since apparently "Everyone in Czech Republic already has zeir own skates, so, you can't really find any, you know, rental plazes here." Jan is amazing. Apparently he wrote a book on ice hockey and was on the news and jumped into the icy water and clawed his way out with ice picks. True story.

Skating outside is so much cooler than skating on a rink inside. I am spoiled forever. Plus it's free. FREE! I think a lot of people are going to try to buy skates (that actually fit) so we can go back again. It was so fun. And never mind the fact that it hasn't been above freezing for the past three days here. Skating warms you up anyway.

I'm getting better at Czech already, I can feel it. I'm actually remembering some of the adjectives that seemed so impossible two days ago. It seems like every language should be taught like this - two weeks of intensive learning, 5 hours a day, then a semester of more relaxed, in depth study. It makes a lot of sense. Our teacher let us leave class early today and she went out to lunch with us, where she told the waiter not to speak to us in English. The best part was when we had to pay; you could just see everyone getting nervous as the waiter came closer to them.

Last night we went to a super crowded club. A lot of it was not really my thing, but Nick and I spent a lot of time watching this tiny man with an egg shaker dancing right in front of the DJ booth. We were cracking up at how into it he was, and then he turns to us and offers Nick the egg shaker to play. Then he pulls ANOTHER ONE out of his pocket and gives it to me! So the three of us are dancing with egg shakers in front of the DJ was one of the greatest moments of my life. Dude brings enough egg shakers to share with others at a club.

This weekend I'm really hoping to see a lot more of the city. It's hard to get into a groove in a new city...I've been in the same place for so long that I pretty much know what all of my options are in Tulsa. Here, there's an entire brand new city spread out in front of me, with so much to do that I don't even know where to start. I'm going to find a cafe and Charles Bridge tomorrow, after I sleep in as long as I want. Then I will buy myself some boots, and figure out how to work the washing machine.

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  1. Karli, I really like your blog! What a neat way to keep in touch with everyone!! Your words made me feel like I could see you doing all these different things. Oh, and the getting you think you might have gotten some of Alena and my traits???? :-) Could you imagine Alena or I trying to get to new places in a strange country with a new langage when we get so lost around Tulsa going to places that we've been to before??? You take care and hope to read more of your blog. Love you, Aunt Susi