Monday, May 25, 2009


So I'm in Ireland! And I have mixed feelings about it, to tell you the truth.

The negatives:

A of all, I miss Prague and all my USAC friends. Lots. The value of knowing a city and having a place to call home is immeasurable. I've met a lot of nice people so far, but drifting around, on my own, is not the greatest thing in the world.

B of all, getting around in Ireland without a car is kind of a drag. It's difficult to figure out, and as a result, I'm skipping several places that I wanted to see. But it's okay. I'm going to save money by spending more time in each city, and not traveling as much. So far, I've done Dublin and Kilkenny, Tuesday I'm going to Cork for 4 nights, Saturday I'm going to the Aran Islands for a night (hopefully). But as I'm looking at the tickets, I don't think I'll have enough money. I'd have to take a bus from Cork to Galway, which is 15 euros, then a transfer coach and ferry (return trip) to the Islands, which is 26 euros. Plus I'd have to have a hostel and all that, which would be about another 20 euros...Probably not going to work.

C of all, in the Czech Republic, prices are way cheaper outside of Prague. Not so in Ireland. Things are pretty much the same price outside of Dublin, which is LAME.

The positives:

It's Ireland. It is beautiful. The music is amazing. Also, being independent is fun, in it's own way.

But a lot of me just wishes I was home. Sorry if this entry is a downer - don't think I'm not having a great time in Ireland, I am, it's just been more difficult than I hoped it would be.

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