Monday, April 27, 2009

Hello darkness my old friend...

I have only three weeks left in Prague. This is incredibly sad. I love it here. I wrote a love letter to Prague a couple months ago, but that love has grown by leaps and bounds, especially now that the weather is SO INCREDIBLY FREAKING GORGEOUS!

Great things I've done lately:

1. Divoka šarka valley - I've gone to many parks in Prague, and each one is awesome, but this one takes the cake. Huge limestone rocks, beautiful trees, a stream running through, and so much green everywhere. It looks like I would picture the Irish countryside looking. Amazing. Casey and I hiked and climbed the highest rock, and the sun burst through the clouds right as we sat down at the top.

2. Pilates. I'm working out! Hooray for me!

3. Sat in Letna park and re-read the Twilight series. Don't you judge me.

4. Made lists of songs I intend to record when I get home.

5. Bought a super cheap flight from Prague to London, and one from London to Dublin. Total cost: under $70. Sa-weet.

Dumb things I've done recently:

1. Thought about food I haven't had in a long time...Diet Dr. Pepper, Taco Bueno, lettuce wraps from Pei Wei, Sushi, Mazzio's Pizza, fountain drinks from There I go again.

2. Become lactose intolerant? I guess that's what happened - my stomach had been hurting for more than a week, and I thought maybe it might be dairy that was causing it, so I quit eating it. And now I feel mostly better...weird.

3. Not planned anything for my trip to Ireland...I need to get on that. I've just been looking at pictures and thinking, oh, that looks nice...

Anyway, it's a short post, but just know that I love Prague. Love it love it love it.

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